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2020 Summer Webinar Series!!

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Meeting the challenges of instruction, practice and feedback in World language Teaching online

Monday, June 15, 2020


Since we as world language teachers are having to re-purpose our skills in order to deliver our classes remotely, there are challenges that we have encountered. These challenges are only intensified because of goals, standards, and performance ratings that have to be met in our teaching and in our students’ learning. Join us and let’s work together to jump-start effective, agile new ways to teach and address students’ learning needs as we advance in this century.

Guest Speakers Include:

Allison Carneiro da Silva from Stonewall Jackson Middle School

Rhode N’komba from Falls Church High School

Rebecca Fox, Ph.D., from the College of Education and Human Development


Empowering with languages Webinar Series!

Avant MORE Learning, the university of MS and MFLA bring you 7 FREE WEBINARs in 7 days Starting June 19 - June 29, 2020!

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"Assessing for proficiency During uncertain Times"

Aired: May 11, 2020

1:00 EDT/2:00 CDT/11:00 PDT

MORE Learning at Avant is pleased to partner with CSCTFL (Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language) to offer this FREE webinar for teachers of all languages and levels!

This webinar features guest speakers who discuss strategies that sustain engagement for students and teachers across non-traditional learning platforms.

Guest Speakers include

District Dept. Chair & Spanish Teacher Melissa Dalton

Instructor & Basic Spanish Program Coordinator, Melanie Kleeschulte

and World Languages Consultant for Ohio Dept of Education, Kathy Shelton

You can watch this webinar here: Assessing for Proficiency During Uncertain Times


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April 22, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. EDT!

SCOLT President, Dr. Bobby Hobgood

2020 SCOLT TOY, Elena Kamenetzky and

2020 AWLA TOY, Chrissy Roe

explore the challenges and solutions for sustaining student and teacher engagement in a non-traditional learning environment.

You can watch this webinar here: Remote Places, Engaged Spaces


"Keeping the Classroom Door Open when the School is Closed"

MORE Learning at Avant is pleased to partner with the AATSP American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese to offer this FREE webinar for teachers of all languages and levels!

Special hosts Rebecca Aubrey, ACTFL 2019 Teacher of the Year, T.J. Troche, PLAN President and Member of the AATSP Board of Directors , and Dawn Samples, Director of MORE Professional Learning, responded to information from polls and hashtags that were pushed out to teachers via social media during the 2020 COVID-19 crisis.

Other special guests included:

Julie Speno of Mundo de Pepito, K-4 Spanish/Russian teacher

Meredith White, high school Spanish teacher and 2020 FLAG Teacher of the Year!

You can watch the webinar HERE!


*NEW* REsource from the aatsp!

UAB has a new COVID-19 website in SPANISH with a lot of critical information. Besides from the fact that we are trying to reach Spanish speakers in the state that may need this information in Spanish, it really has a new overview of the vocabulary (with visuals) for Spanish instruction.

"Power Up Proficiency and Go Global"

This webinar was a joint collaboration project between MORE Learning at Avant Assessment, the Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures and Langchat. Host Dawn Samples (MORE Learning Dir. for Professinal Learning,), Megan Budke (President, MCTLC), Meredith White (#langchat moderator) and Linda Egnatz (Exe. Director for The Global Seal of Biliteracy) discussed instructional practices that increase language proficiency and validate students' learning. The online discussion around this topic was concurrent with the 1/23/20 #langchat on Twitter.

Thank you for watching!

The Minnesota Council on The Teaching of Languages and Cultures is teaming up with AVANT Assessment, and #LangChat to bring you this FREE National Webinar Event!

Click here to watch this webinar.

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