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"Creating Successful Pathways to Proficiency through Assessment in Community-Based Heritage Language Schools"

Join Avant MORE Learning and the Coalition of Community-Based Language Schools as we welcome expert panelists and facilitators - Linda Egnatz, Masako Douglas, Angela Hasheva, Eva Prionas, Dawn Samples and Joy Peyton for an engaging, interactive discussion! Presenters will share key information and address questions that schools have pertaining to creating successful pathways to proficiency in their programs, such as:

● What might this pathway look like in a given program?

● What tests are used and what do they measure?

● Who should take the tests and why?

● What are best practices in preparing learners to take the test?

● What will learners gain by testing for proficiency?

● How does the Global Seal of Biliteracy support pathways to proficiency?

You can access the slide deck here.

Original air date: October 27, 2022

“Mesa redonda: La alegría y creatividad en el aula de espanol”

Join AATSP and Avant MORE Learning for an engaging discussion where our panelists share how they bring creativity and joy to the Spanish classroom through different activities and projects!

Let's come together to ignite JOY in the classroom again! Our AATSP panelists include Chari Bernabeu, Claudia Kechkian, A.C. Quintero and Trina Montano! AATSP's Erica Nathan-Gamauf and Avant MORE Learning's Dawn Samples co-hosted this event.


You can access the shared slide deck here.

Original air date: September 28,22

Teacher Attitudes, Experiences, and Strategies towards Gender-Inclusive Language Across Languages

Original air date: April 6, 2022.
This webinar will included panelists representing Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Polish, and Russian.
Currently, gender-inclusive and gender-neutral language is being discussed by teachers K-16+ and others. This webinar seeks to contribute to the discussion of attitudes, experiences, and strategies towards gender-inclusive language in the US classrooms and beyond in a variety of languages that include French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

The panelists explored the following questions among others:

  • What does gender-inclusive language in the classroom look like?

  • How are attitudes and strategies towards gender-neutral language voiced in different languages?

  • What groups or individuals engage in the debate (e.g., parents, educators, administrators), and what are their views and attitudes?

  • Are there strategies for navigating different varieties of gender-fair language?

  • What kinds of tools need to be developed for teachers to support gender-inclusive language in the classroom?

“Practical Proficiency in a Pandemic: Now What?”

In a year even veteran teachers are calling their hardest yet, many of us are realizing that the return to pre-pandemic normalcy remains nowhere in sight. What happened to my students? Why can’t I teach the way I used to? What do I do now?

Avant Assessment and Extempore are partnering to answer these questions and provide practical advice and approaches for language teachers during this school year. Join Avant MORE Learning’s Dawn Samples and Extempore’s Grant Castner for their joint webinar,

“Practical Proficiency in a Pandemic: Now What?”


Access the slide deck here.

Original airdate: Thursday, December 2nd at 3:30 CST.

"Reflections and Questions on Engaging, Supporting and Assessing Language Learning in a post pandemic Era"

Join Dawn Samples and Joe Dale for this webinar full to the brim with resources for teachers!

Follow tweets from the webinar with hashtag #askjoedale and @adsamples and @joedale!

Resources that were shared in this webinar have been collected into a Wakelet for you here!

You can also view the webinar on our You Tube channel via the link below!

Access the slide deck here.

Original air date: 9.29.2021

“Leveraging the Seal of Biliteracy for Higher Education World Language Placement and Enrollment”

Avant MORE Learning and the Foreign Language Association of NC (FLANC) collaborated to bring you this learning opportunity with award-winning researcher Dr. Kristin Davin!

Dr. Davin addressed the following questions:

What is the Seal of Biliteracy?

How are Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) awarding credit to Seal of Biliteracy earners?

How are IHEs leveraging the Seal of Biliteracy for placement?

How does awarding college credit to Seal of Biliteracy earners impact enrollment?

Access the slide deck here.

Webinar airdate: 05/04/2021


“The Inspired Chinese Classroom: How a focus on Proficiency created a world-class Chinese program”

Avant MORE Learning, partnered with the Asia Society, brings you this engaging webinar where we addressed the following questions with special guests Kelsi Flint and Li Li, Chinese teachers from Davis County UT as well as Avant's own Roger Burt, Bonnie Peterson, and Dawn Samples.

What is the role of proficiency in teaching and learning Chinese?

What practices support proficiency in teaching/learning Chinese?

How do I support proficiency in my Chinese program?


Access the slide deck here.

Webinar airdate: 3-31-21

E2. Insightful Learning FaceBook Livestream

"Standing Firm in Shifting Sands" with Stephanie Walters

Original airdate in our Facebook Group 3/25/21

Join us in our group:

Stephanie Walters, 2019 SC Virtual TOY shares her insights and wisdom into her experiences in teaching, moving from a traditional learning environment to virtual, supporting learners and each other, and strategies that are tried and true - no matter the context.


“Developing Language and Literacy for Life-Long Learning

in DLI and WL Contexts”

The Delaware Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, The Delaware Department of Education and Avant MORE Learning bring you this FREE professional learning opportunity!

Delaware teachers Ryan Allen, Xue Qin and Antonio Amores Ortiz shared their experiences and strategies for developing second language literacy in early language learners from the early years in the Delaware dual language immersion programs, through middle and high school immersion and world language classrooms.

Search on social media for #DLIWLisLIT to follow the stream online.

Link to the slide deck.

Air Date: 3/24/21

Insightful Learning Livestream E1

"Phoenix Rising: Leveraging the Crisis to Create Opportunity" with Carl Falsgraf

Watch our "Insightful Learning Livestream" that aired on Feb. 25th 2021, at 6:30 p.m. EST as an interactive conversation with Carl Falsgraf, retired director of CASLS at the Univ. of Oregon. We discussed ideas for ways to leverage what we have learned about teaching and learning during the COVID-19 crisis. This discussion was live and interactive with our Facebook audience! Join us next time in our facebook group "Avant MORE Learning" for more Insightful Learning Livestreams!

Performance vs. Proficiency

What is the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

GADII 2020 Conference:

Leveraging Strong Instructional Practices in L1 and L2

Avant MORE Learning presented at the 7th Annual GADII Conference for Dual Language Immersion!

Join us for this session to learn more about effective instructional and assessment practices in both languages. Participants will explore ideas that will help leverage strategies and resources as partners in your immersion classes. This session will allow teachers to gain insights into the “Gradual Release" model of instruction in an immersion setting and how assessment data across all content areas may support instructional planning as a team.

Air Date 8/29/2020

Click here for the session materials.

Summer series: Avant - MFLA W7

"Fostering (Bi)Literacy for all students: Strategies for Including Heritage and Native Learners”

Join T.J. Troche, Spanish Teacher, President of the Professional Language Association of Nevada, and Ryan Smith, 2018 NADSFL Supervisor of the Year for Washoe County School District as they present very relevant and meaningful strategies to support ALL learners in your language programs!

Air date: 6/29/2020

Click here to access the slide deck.

summer series: Avant- MFLA W6

"Bringing the World to Your

Schools & Communities"

Join award winning advocate and teacher, Akash Patel, CEO of The Happy Foundation to find out how you can use Zoom, Skype, Google hangout or other virtual platforms to connect your scholars LIVE and for FREE with Happy World Foundation Inc.’s 1,500+ volunteers from over 150 countries.

Air date: 6/26/2020

Click here to access the slide deck.

Summer Series: Avant-mfla w5

"Understanding Proficiency Assessments and data"

Join Aziz Ebinghannam from Avant Assessment to learn more understanding proficiency and assessment data.

Avant is the world’s leading language proficiency test provider giving students a true picture of their language skills. We created Avant to improve language proficiency in over 32 languages. We are very proud to have created the first online Yup’ik language proficiency test that is being used to award the Seal of Biliteracy. Year after year, schools choose Avant because of our accurate, consistent scoring, and great customer service. All of Avant's online, computer-adaptive proficiency tests are aligned with the ACTFL Proficiency Scale and designed to meet your goals such as creating a path to the Seal of Biliteracy, gathering data on proficiency growth, illustrating program quality, and more.

Air date: 6/25/2020

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Summer series: Avant-MFLA W4

"Caution: Heavy Load - Practical Ways to Keep Proficiency-Based Teaching Sustainable and Purposeful"

Join our presenter; Meredith White, 2020 FLAG Teacher of the Year!

Many times, we as teachers are overwhelmed with professional development: session options, new technology tools, constant collaboration, lesson planning, the list goes on. Meanwhile, we still have the same goals: foster students’ enjoyment of language and culture while advancing their proficiency. This presentation will provide ideas to empower teachers to keep language teaching sustainable and forward-moving, divided into three tiers: organization, planning, and assessing. Don’t come for the latest, greatest, all-new teacher shiny; come to reflect and possibly even level-up what you’re already doing. You, as a teacher, are already enough, and this session looks to validate and align the work you’ve already put in and see if it can be pushed further. All slides, resources, videos, and tools mentioned will be available before, during, and after the presentation.

Air date 6/24/2020

Click here to access the slide show of this presentation!

Summer Series: Avant-MFLA W3

"Getting them talking: Engaging and empowering Novice learners"

Join our guest presenter, Rebecca Aubrey, 2019 ACTFL TOY as she shares TONS of ideas and activities!

How can we get novice learners exchanging information in the target language when they have limited language to draw on? Maintaining a 90%+ target language environment is challenging with novice learners, particularly as their affective filter increases. In this session, participants will learn strategies for scaffolding learning to promote target language use, as well as explore specific activities to promote interpersonal speaking and build circumlocution skills with novice language learners of all ages.

Air date 6/23/2020

Click here to access the slide deck for this presentation.

Summer Series: Avant-MFLA w2

"Easy steps to implement the MS Seal of Biliteracy"

Join Sandra Elliott and Limeul Eubanks from the Mississippi Department of Education as they provide MS educators with an opportunity to learn details about the Mississippi Seal of Biliteracy policy and guidelines which establish minimum criteria for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in awarding Seals of Biliteracy.

Key points of the webinar include: understanding of the State Board Policy, the guidelines, and requirements for district adoption of local policy.

Mississippi Seal of

Biliteracy State Board Policy

Mississippi Seal of Biliteracy Guidelines

Air date: 6/22/2020

Summer Series: Avant-MFLA W1

"The Global Seal of Biliteracy Pathway to Awards"

Join Avant MORE Learning and the Mississippi Foreign Language Association (MFLA) as we welcome our presenter, Linda Egnatz, Exe Director of The Global Seal of Biliteracy! In this webinar, Linda shares information about how to attain the Global Seal of Biliteracy - A three-step proficiency pathway of awards to recognize and certify ANY language learners (young learners or adults) through competency-based learning.

Air Date: June 19, 2020

"Meeting the Challenges of Instruction, Practice, and Feedback in World Language Teaching Online"

Aired: MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2020

Since we as world language teachers are having to re-purpose our skills in order to deliver our classes remotely, there are challenges that we have encountered. These challenges are only intensified because of goals, standards, and performance ratings that have to be met in our teaching and in our students’ learning. Join us and let’s work together to jump-start effective, agile new ways to teach and address students’ learning needs as we advance in this century.

Guest Speakers Included:

Allison Carneiro da Silva from Stonewall Jackson Middle School

Rhode N’komba from Falls Church High School

Rebecca Fox, Ph.D., from the College of Education and Human Development

Access the slide deck here.

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"Assessing for proficiency During uncertain Times"

Aired: May 11, 2020

1:00 EDT/2:00 CDT/11:00 PDT

MORE Learning at Avant is pleased to partner with CSCTFL (Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language) to offer this FREE webinar for teachers of all languages and levels!

This webinar features guest speakers who discuss strategies that sustain engagement for students and teachers across non-traditional learning platforms.

Guest Speakers include

District Dept. Chair & Spanish Teacher Melissa Dalton

Instructor & Basic Spanish Program Coordinator, Melanie Kleeschulte

and World Languages Consultant for Ohio Dept of Education, Kathy Shelton

Visit the MORELearning website for up-to-date information on professional learning opportunities and watch past webinars with our partners.

Access the Slide Deck here!

NCLIVE Webinar 4/30/2020

Tools that Prepare Learners for a World of Opportunities

Avant Products and Services that Support Language Learning

In today's world where exchanges of information with world partners (business, education, medicine etc...) are at the touch of our fingertips, clear communication and inter-cultural competencies are at a premium. As language learners across the country are striving to attain the Seal of Biliteracy in two or more languages, earn college credits, or increase job opportunities by demonstration of proficiency, how are language programs ensuring that students are inspired and prepared to continue their learning and growth in the language? In this webinar, participants will gain insight into best practices and national data from programs across the country, and learn how data and professional learning from Avant Assessment can assist them in preparing these learners for the future.

Remote Places, Engaged Spaces - 4/22/2020

This webinar was a collaborative presentation between MORE Learning at Avant Assessment and the Southern Conference on Language Teaching. The original LIVE air date was 4-22-2020. SCOLT President Dr. Bobby Hobgood, 2020 SCOLT TOY Elena Kamenetzky 2020 AWLA TOY Chrissy Roe explore the challenges and solutions for sustaining student and teacher engagement in a non-traditional learning environment during the COVID-19 crisis.

MORE Learning Director for Professional Learning at Avant Assessment, Dawn Samples, the SCOLT Exe. Director, Dr. Leslie Baldwin and the Past President of SCOLT, Carmen Scoggins, facilitate and moderate the discussions between the panelists and the audience via chat and Twitter (hashtag #engagedspaces). You may access the slide deck to the webinar here.

Visit for more information about the 2021 conference!

Keeping the classroom Door Open when the school is closed - 3/31/20

With the onset of the COVID-19 virus, World Language classes have shifted swiftly to a "remote environment." Teachers across the country are facing enormous changes in how they connect with their students and carry on language learning practices that promote proficiency in the language. This webinar will feature guest speakers who will discuss strategies that work across age groups and levels and address how teachers are responding to the current situation and practicing self-care. Guest Presenters include: Rebecca Aubrey, T.J. Troche, Meredith White and Julie Speno. Host: Dawn Samples, Director for MORE Professional Learning at Avant.


Power Up Proficiency and Go Global Webinar - 1/23/20